Monday, October 29, 2012

Italy final stop: Capri

Aug 18-20, 2012
We reached our main destination: Capri, a small island off of Naples. We were there for about three days and took an incredible amount of pictures (not really in order). The island had very steep hills everywhere, which was cool, depending on how pregnant you are. Needless to say there was a lot of trudging up and down hills to get anywhere. Luckily they have these neat little (crowded) buses that come in handy. We were planning on simply relaxing by the pool or the beach but there were so many cool things to see and do. Such as...

The famous rocks with some fancy name.  Riding a boat through the tunnel = huge hit with the girls.

There are awesome little spots everywhere where you think "that would be a cool place to swim." Sometimes we could, sometimes we couldn't.

This is what seemed to be the nicest and newest path on the island, via Krupp.  Excellent views and a wonderful stroll.

The girls LOVED the pool at our hotel. We usually had it our to ourselves. Sadie got very brave on the diving board (London played it safe, or course). And it was lit up at night for some fun family-bonding night swimming under the stars.  Those girls probably would have swam all night if we let them. Plus it was a great local alternative to facing the steep hills. 

The views from our B&B were not too shabby.

This was our lunch attempt to re-create the Caprese paninis that we ate in Positano.  They were delicious, and that lemon soda is our new Italian favorite.
We celebrated our 8-year anniversary (woo hoo!) and took our traditional dinner pics. The girls joined us to celebrate.

We took a boat cruise around the island.  It stopped at several caves, grottoes and other interesting sites.
the Green Grotto
the White Grotto
Party on deck.
Awesome single-chair lift to the top of the island. The attendants loved trying to get a pregnant mom, a lap rider, and a camera bag on that tiny lift. 

Great views at the top

This was one of our favorite beaches to swim at. There were lots of cool caves and formations, nice and shallow for the girls.  Perfect for mermaid hunts.

Blue Grotto
This must be explained.  The blue grotto is lit by sunlight filtering in from the water of a tiny opening and the whole cave is a beautiful blue.Ever since I learned of its existence, it has been my lifelong dream for the past 3 months to swim into this sea-cave.  Sure, you can take a boat filled with tourists, but where's the adventure? There is a real technique to pulling this off, which I learned by studying tripadvisor. Anway, we went in the late afternoon. We waited until all the little tourist-shuttling rowboats (who guard the entrance) left.  After making our way down a ton of steps we got to the water.  The sea was angry that day, my friends. The water gets a little choppier towards evening, and the opening is about a meter high. So it is a little risky, and maybe not a place for small kids or pregnant moms. But there is a little chain that helps for support. 
To make a not-so-long story short, I went in to check things out, then I brought in Sadie and London one at a time.  I think they liked it, but may have been a little spooked. I got smashed a little on the rocks but the girls were safe with their floaties and it was AWESOME.  By the end the water was rough and it was getting pretty crowded with tourists, so Ash decided to be sensible instead of reckless. Good choice.
Anxiously waiting for daddy to emerge from the cave.  London on deck getting ready for her turn.

This is what the inside looks like (from the internet). I didn't take a camera in.  Someday I'll get a GoPro and do it again.  Documented.

Before flying back home, we spent one last night in Rome.  We only had a few hours to let the girls experience some highlights.  We decided that eating some pizza and gelato by the Trevi fountain never disappoints.  I guess throwing in our coins last time worked, because there we were.

Ciao, Italia.  That trip was really great, one of our finest. Until next time.